What do I expect from my first visit?

Before we meet, please complete the intake forms that are attached in the "About/Forms" section at the top. Once completed and an appointment has been scheduled, we will meet at our office which is located in the Colerget Conference Center on the 2nd floor. You may sit in a private space to the right of the landing and to the left of the elevator if you arrive a few minutes early. If you feel uncomfortable filling out the forms before hand, we do have an intake packet to be filled out once we start session. 

Our initial visit will be a time for you and I to get to know one another and understand how we will proceed. We will discuss an agreement about the methods being used, length of time in treatment and the ins and outs of client confidentiality. Always feel free to ask any questions that you may have. 


What is a reasonable goal? 

A reasonable goal is defined by what is possible and the motivation as is pertains to the specific issue that is presented. The process of psychotherapy and counseling can help with any problems you are experiencing in your life. Entering into a therapeutic relationship will provide with you with an objective look at things that are happening and greatly improve issues related to a variety of topics in ones life. Many people will feel a tremendous amount of relief by having a healing conversation by someone who is not their partner, spouse, child, family and/or friends. 


What is psychotherapy? What is the difference between it and counseling? 

Psychotherapy is at times, a more thorough and long term treatment that focuses on gaining insight in physical and emotional problems that are occurring. It simultaneously focuses on the body's reactions, education about physiological responses, thoughts/feelings/behaviors, and processing the information we take in. 

Much of the distinction between psychotherapy and counseling is that counseling can often be seen as a shorter, solution-focused form of treatment. 


Is this confidential? Will record of my sessions be entered into my medical records?

Yes, everything that is said in the counseling session remains confidential. Only areas involving intent to harm oneself, another person or danger in the environment are reasons, required by law, to break confidentiality. Records of your sessions will only be kept by SAC staff and not entered into your medical records. 


What is the cost of each session? 

If you choose to utilize your insurance plan, the cost of each session will be your co-pay and directly correlate with your insurance plan details. Out of pocket sessions cost $125 per 50 minutes. 


What type of therapy do you offer? 

We primarily work in a solution-focused, problem solving tradition which can include cognitive-behavioral therapy, dialectical-behavioral therapy and holistic remedies. 


What ages do you work with?

We work primarily with ages 12 and up. There are situations in which other, younger family members may be involved if it is clinically necessary.